Friday, March 21, 2008

HOMER B!!!!! oils, 2 session painting, just for fun.

Here is the finish of my first shot at oils in a while. I tried to stay slightly neutral in the skin tones in order for the fire to glow. This took me about two and a half days which is way too long for a portrait but I was pretty experimental in the proccess. Im transfering into using oils more just because I think it is a more powerful medium. I usually use acrylic but after talking with other artists, I finally decided to make the leap and dive into some oils. I always felt like I would like illustrating in oil. Also shown is the drawing and the underpainting for which I then paint the finish on top. Once I have my value structure in place, I am basically just replacing the values with color while still maintaing the structure. Oh yeah, and this is a friend of mine, he enjoys art and likes graffiti, so I decided to do something kind of street and urban, its a bad pic but you get the idea, its time for a new camerea though, upgrade!