Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dallas Morning News Article! My first full children's book "Barack" is a NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER!!

Here is my interview which was on the front page of the Dallas Morning News!
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Interview with Irene Gallo : Art Director of Tor, Forge and Starcape Books

After seeing my painting in Spectrum, and meeting her a couple of times at the Society of Illustrators show, Irene was nice enough to contact me for an interview about artist a few years out of school. Fresh Paint!
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The Interval

Sketch book Sketch book Sketch book, how important these are but i am sure I don't give mine enough attention at all, it feels abandoned and its vacant pages communicate this clearly. Although I am pretty busy now a days, there is a little downtime when waiting on editors and art directors to get back with me. Usually I use this time to do research, prepare boards, look at new art, read, search for new music or for anything inspiring in the world but ignore the option of just drawing for fun. I think I should absolutely add sketching to the list! Sketchbooks are so important for the creative mind and can be great to build yourself as an artist conceptually and to keep your hand and eye coordination on point. SO...... what to do??? I think I will keep my sketch book near me from now on. Here are the first few sketches from pictures I found, I will be doing some drawings from life as well soon!