Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Book!! Our Children Can Sour!!

This is the seed of a unique picture book that is part historical, part poetry, and entirely inspirational. I did one painting of Jesse Owens for this book, a fun painting. There were many illustrators on this project (cover art by Bryan Collier) so I really wanted to stand out in someway, so I went with a very golden and sepia palette hoping no one else did the same. Books are available now, click here to order!


Doret said...

Its a beautiful book. Congrats on being included with some illustrator heavy hitters. Did you use a model or photographs?, Jesse Owens definitely stands out. There's no denying its him. I love the muscle defintion and the clean lines. Beautiful.

AG Ford said...

I used photographs and a model for his right hand because in the photograph I was using, the hand was cut off. Thanks for staying in tune with the blog!!

The Gross Uncle said...

AG, this stuff is incredible!

I remember how amazing your drawings were when I worked at the front desk at CCAD...but seriously, you have advanced so far past that! Congrats man, you deserve it.


AG Ford said...

Thanks Grant, the inspiration in mutual!!

Anonymous said...

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