Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Michelle Hits stores Tuesday 9/29/2009

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Smart and sure, hardworking, talented, professional and passionate, loving wife and mother, daughter, sister, friend.

This is the story of a girl from Chicago who dared to dream big, worked hard to make things happen, and grew up to be an extraordinary woman: Michelle Robinson Obama.

Deborah Hopkinson and AG Ford capture the inspiring story of the first African American First Lady in this beautiful picture-book biography.


Deborah Hopkinson said...

Hi, AG! I just got back from the National Book Festival where I had Michelle and the cover of First Family on display, and gave out bookmarks for each book. People absolutely LOVED the covers -- awestruck by the dramatic art for Michelle. And, of course, the most common comment for FIRST FAMILY? You guessed it: "Oh, look at Bo!" - Deborah Hopkinson

Doret said...

Michelle is a beautiful book.

All the colors work so well together, I loved it.

Mina Javaherbin said...

Best wishes for this book and your success.

Unknown said...

Great Book, inspiring for our young readers and the pictures speaks volume.