Friday, January 22, 2010

Drawings/Paint Study/Haiti

Hey all out there, here are a couple of sketches, and also a quick paint study from a John Singer Sargent painting. I used to do a lot of these little quick studies to help me get better at painting. I used Acrylics.
Also, and most importantly, please donate to Haiti what you can, the earthquake is a terrible disaster. Any money you can donate is helpful to the people of Haiti, and every cent counts. No one asks for things like this to happen, we all as people of the world, have to contribute what we can. Here are a couple sites where you can donate: American Red Cross, Yele Haiti


Unknown said...

Hey, AG
Looking awesome both the study and the sketch. What is that? Graphite?

AG Ford said...

Yeah, the sketches are graphite, thanks Nuno!

JAIR said...

yo man! how have you been? great blog here, love the new work!

JAIR said...

Actually right now I'm living in Baltimore working as a concept artist at Zenimax. Other than that I'm trying to make some new oil paintings for gallery work.

Good to hear from you, and once again great work.

Anonymous said...

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Jonah P said...

I really appreciate your post