Friday, February 5, 2010

The Interval 2

Here is another entry of "The Interval". In between projects and such, I am working on a portrait of my brother to keep my hand active and creative juices flowing. Still in its beginning stages, I am starting out with a mixture of raw sienna and cobalt blue to give me variations of cool grays as an under painting. When this stage is completed, I will be glazing in colors softly but want to maintain a slightly saturated color scheme overall.


Unknown said...

That's wassup bro. I know your a busy man but you ever think about doing a show at a local art gallery. just a thought, and congrats on the interview. Skies the limit. Peace

AG Ford said...

Whats up Denaro!
I have had some thoughts about doing a show, but really want to come up with a bulk of work that can stand alone as a collective set. I've actually been working up some concepts and sketches for larger paintings to come for the show, so yeah, it will happen, just not sure how soon. Thanks for commenting!

Chance said...

incredible, I like the way the shirt looks. You're not afraid of serious contrast so early on.

I think I'm starting to understand how you approach these pieces; I'm looking at some of the areas in the face and I see the gray from the loose mixture of the lights and shadow. As a final piece the artist would try hard to avoid these types of interactions, but as an underpainting they don't matter, and I'm wondering if they even work to your advantage. Because you glaze over these areas with color and probably paint in more opaque strokes when needed.

Good stuff, can't wait to see the third interval.

AG Ford said...

Hey Chance

Yeah, under-paintings can be as important as you want them to be. You can let the under-paintings show through, or you can only use them as a reference for where you want to ultimately be, and use the under-painting as a guide for what you want and don't want at the end. I definitely use a combination of both. For example, there are some blues in the face, that I hope to be able to keep and let show through even at the end. At the same time, at this point, I can tell that the jacket needs to be much darker, and I need to add quite a bit more paint there. I hope this is helpful!
Peace Brother!


Eric Spray said...

Yo AG! Great underpainting! I agree with Chance; the shirt is very much Leyendecker style! Awesome! The guy definetly looks like a Ford too :D.

I look forward to the finished product AG.

Later man!


Brittney said...

Wow, not to sound creepy but I actually went to school with you. I remember seeing your art in school & it was amazing then. Congrats.