Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Goal by Mina Javaherbin Illustrated by AG Ford IN STORES TODAY!!!

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"Uplifting and inspiring, this beautifully written and illustrated book reminds us of the joys and saving grace of friendship and sport. Set in South Africa, this book is a gift for soccer fans and all families around the world." -- Archbishop Desmond Tutu
In a dusty township in South Africa, Ajani and his friends have earned a brand-new, federation-size soccer ball.

They kick. They dribble. They run. They score. These clever boys are football champions! But when a crew of bullies tries to steal their ball, will Ajani and his friends be able to beat them at their own game?
A lyrical, strikingly illustrated story celebrates the unifying power of soccer. Just in time for the June 2010 World Cup in South Africa!

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Unknown said...

That's wassup man. I'm gonna have to reserve a copy in the near future and build my illustration library up. I gotta come out your and talk to you about some artwork stuff. I'll hit you up when I get some more of my ducks in a row. Peace and good painting bro!

AG Ford said...

cool Denaro, sounds good.

Sean Qualls said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog AG. Great cover! Looking forward to reading this one to my kids.

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