Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Interview with The Brown Bookshelf

Click Here to read Interview

For Anymore Questions, just post a comment, and I will get back to you as soon as possible!


Unknown said...

Hey AG,
Great interview. Glad to see that your work is getting recognition.

Tarie Sabido said...

Hi, AG! I just read your interview over at The Brown Bookshelf. You said that you love working traditionally. What are your thoughts on traditional art versus digital art for children's books? :o)

AG Ford said...

Hey Tarie!

Honestly, I prefer viewing traditional art mostly, but there is some good digital art being done in the art world. Most of the digital artist that I respect, are well trained traditionally as well, and use the computer as just a new platform or medium. Anything that is done well, I can respect. At the end of the day as artist, we are still dealing with the same challenges when creating a piece, drawing, lighting, texture, style, etc regardless of our choice of medium. I prefer to get my hands dirty though! thanks for commenting!

Tarie Sabido said...

Thank you so much for answering my question! :o)

Chance said...

look at you, doing it big. What can I say? I'm not surprised, you worked harder than anyone I knew.

I'm excited about this goal book, can I buy it now?

I was happy when you mentioned Norman Rockwell, I've been looking at his work a lot and I have a lot of his pieces hanging up in my office.

keep it up man, I'm your biggest fan.

AG Ford said...

Thanks Chance, The Goal book comes out April. Ill post on my blog when released. Im really happy about the finished product, people are really taking a liking to the artwork.

Good to hear you have an office and everything man, Im proud of you my brother!


JAIR said...

Awesome interview man! I'm excited to see more of the GOAL book, the compositions in it are powerful. I like your attitude, keeping the student mentality, always developing always learning. The best of luck to you!

AG Ford said...

thanks Jair! Absolutely you have to be a student of the art world! Thanks for commenting!

Dalrae said...

Hey AG!

Just read your interview. Very inspiring! Keep up the good work and I'll also share with you what I have been doing when I get a chance!

Take care!

AG Ford said...

Hey Dalrae!

Yeah sure, send me over something or post a link to your site, or blog, and I will surely check it out and give you feedback, I would love to see your work, its been a while!


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